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Ikanos - Menu soir

Evening menu


All dishes are designed to be shared. Kindly mention any allergies or dietary restrictions to your server.

Omakase Tasting Menu

Ikanos, our namesake, is greek for skill acquired through experience. It’s the culmination of many years of trial and error that has polished us into who we are today.

It’s with this in mind that we present to you something we’ve had simmering for some time now.

We’re very excited to share with you our new tasting menu.

It’s 8-10 courses designed to rival the great Michelin star restaurants of Europe and elsewhere. Ambitious? Very. But we’ve reasoned our reach should exceed our grasp

Tasting menu

Preparing delicate fish and seafood products requires skill and know-how to be sure but also the tools necessary to highlight their finesse. In our Josper menu, we promote authentic Mediterranean flavours and the simple pleasure of well grilled fish, seafood and meat. A smoky delight.

Our specialties

Our mezzes are a great way to sample our kitchen staff’s creativity. Working strictly with seasonal and market fresh ingredients, they craft unique dishes to be shared with all your dining companions. That being said, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our classics: our grilled seabream and grilled seabass are the bedrock of our reputation.