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Restaurant Ikanos

Our specialty products: Trikalinos Avgotaraho.

Avgotaraho is a greek caviar produced exclusively from Grey Mullet eggs from the Missolonghi lagoon. It is a greek Protected Designation of Origin, or PDO. Simlar to italian bottarga, it’s peerless quality is owed to the flavours and aromas created from the rich mineral deposits on the bed of the shallow Missolonghi lagoon. It is a natural product with a very high nutritional content and no artificial preservatives.

A meticulous process

Avgotaraho is the fruit of a meticulous and careful process. The large swollen egg sacs of the female mullet (called ‘bafa’ in the local parlance) are removed and then dried, salted, pressed and dipped in bee’s wax for preservation. This process protects the flavour of the eggs inside.

A unique delicacy

The unique delicacy of this product lies in its velvety texture and powerful flavour. It tastes as though the sea has been compressed into tangible form. “Pure drops of seawater, sea urchins and seaweed mingle with the bittersweet notes of ripe grapefruit and a botanical minerality that reflect the aromas of the seabed flora.”

An exceptional product

An article published in the reputed Journal of Agricultural Nutrition and Chemistry affirms that Avgotaraho is of “high nutritional value, supplies important quantities of proteins, fatty acids and vitamins and has a healthy lipid profile with regards to it’s ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 content.


For an exceptional product of avgotaraho’s ilk, we recommend pairing it with an equally exceptional product: Champagne. It’s freshness and sharp acidity provides the perfect accompaniment to the saline nature of avgotaraho. Ouzo is also no slouch in this department, it’s bold flavours are a seamless match for avgotaraho’s muscular nature. One sip and you’ll instantly be transported to Greece.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX

Come taste what all the fuss is about, treat yourself!

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