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Restaurant Ikanos

Five years of celebration : what you’ve missed !

If nothing else, these last five years have shone light on the values of our Chef and leader Constant Mentzas. The restaurant business can sometimes be a family affair and he is no exception. As a young man, his passion for food was stoked little by little while working in his father’s restaurant. Over time, one thing became clear: food can elicit emotion. Sharing this with others became the driving force behind his cooking style and his various enterprises. Guests share the food he puts on the table and share in the emotion of each dish together. From this idea, Ikanos was born and the past five years have been our best attempt to make it reality.

A few days ago, we celebrated our 5th anniversary and what can we say about these two days of celebration except that they were exceptional!

Remarkable guests, a very festive atmosphere, stations full of food, and smiles by the thousands allowed us to remember this moment.

Firstly, we’d like to thank every guest who took the time to join us that evening. From our most loyal guests, to our partners, to former staff; none of it would have been possible without you.

We’d like to thank our team. Our family. The success of this event we owe to them. Their engagement and know-how is what has allowed us to offer the quality of food, service and experience that has become synonymous with the Ikanos name.

The flavours of the sea were front and center and our new Fish Bar left no one indifferent!

Photo credit : @uneportesurdeuxcontinents

From red tuna tartares to hiramasa crudos to freshly shucked oysters…not to mention the famous grilled octopus, the Digby scallops with foie gras, the oyster tarts with caviar and the amazing lobster and shrimp on hand, our guests that night got to experience a bit of Ikanos at it’s finest. Even the meat eaters and lovers of vegetables weren’t left out, there was filet mignon that simply melted in your mouth and just-picked pattypan squash from our garden in Hemmingford.

Photo credit : @uneportesurdeuxcontinents

And dessert… a bit of magic seemed to be in the air that night as our Head Pastry Chef Yasmine concocted a plethora of sinful delights that made our knees buckle: chocolate, strawberry, almond, pistachio and the list goes on… It was THAT good. And of course, the final number, the big show, our flaming saganaki seemed to have everyone take out their phones and lighters just like a rock concert!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated Ikanos’ 5th anniversary with us. It was a blast! We hope to see you all at the next one!

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