Ikanos - Bar à Poisson

112 McGill street
Montreal, QC H2Y 2E5

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Restaurant Ikanos

Ikanos fish bar X five years of evolution

A new fish bar

Constant Mentzas offers a tribute to the sea in our restaurant, his food celebrates it. Ikanos Fish Bar is the culmination of years of working with the city’s top fishmongers and purveyors. Here, you can expect a diverse array of fish and seafood products prepared with expertise. Raw, cured, seared or grilled; the choice is yours at Ikanos.

A new tasting menu

In celebration of our 5th anniversary, we are preparing a unique new tasting menu that draws its inspiration from the Omakase tradition (“I rely on you.”), which in Japan consists of letting the chef prepare a menu consisting of his freshest arrivals and the dishes of which he is most proud. 

It is a 16 to 21-course taste experience that will evolve in tandem with the seasons. We are unveiling it next month and we can’t wait to show you! It is truly thanks to you, our loyal guests and your trust, that we were able to put this menu together. Without you, none of it would have been possible. 

An exclusive import license

The sea is the star of our cuisine and we pride ourselves on the origin and quality of our products. In an effort to offer the best from here and abroad, we are working hard to obtain our own private and exclusive import license. We do this so we can demonstrate to you, our guests, our passion for the different fish and seafood regions around the world. 

A garden to encourage biodiversity

At Ikanos, we pay attention to local products and encourage biodiversity. We have our own garden in the Hemmingford area. Our agricultural land is dedicated to rare and ancestral varieties that are not typically grown in Quebec. It’s a wonderland for our kitchen staff as they represent a plethora of different possible flavors. 

The story doesn’t end there! One-third of the production is purely experimental and that allows us to define the best varieties for upcoming years. 

The Ikanos garden holds secrets to flavors our grandparents might have known…

Come discover the new features of our restaurant in a festive atmosphere and treat yourself to the best the sea has to offer.

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