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Restaurant Ikanos

A garden with ancestral varieties to preserve biodiversity.

As you may already know, we have our own market garden in the Hemmingford area since 2017. The idea? Explore the different flavors of countless varieties that are generally ancestral and are not usually grown in Quebec.

An ancestral variety is an old cultivar of a variety that has not been hybridized industrially.

In our garden, everything is grown using organic practices. These include the use of organic fertilizers (chicken, sheep and cow manure, bone meal, etc.), insect nets and other chemical-free pest control methods.

13 of the production is 100% experimental and helps us to define next year’s plantation. While many factors are usually taken into account in varietal selection, including plant productivity and crop difficulty, we are really looking for unusual tastes and textures.

This year, we are testing 52 varieties of tomatoes, 36 varieties of melons, 26 varieties of zucchini and 33 varieties of cucumber.

Would you like to discover some of our varieties?

We are currently receiving our tomatoes! Here are our favorite varieties! 

Our ancestral tomato varieties are sweet, low in acid, generous in flesh and contain few seeds. In other words, they are delicious. Hence their growing popularity with our customers.

The Santorini tomato is native to the Santorini Islands in Greece, it is a bright red, strongly flattened and pleated all over the body. Behind its imperfection lies a well-kept secret: its incomparable flavor, which is sweet and tangy.

Paul Robeson tomatoes. This ancient variety of black tomatoes is native to Russia and was presented by Marina Danilenko, a collector in Moscow. It was named after opera singer Paul Robeson who advocated for equal rights for blacks. Quite ribbed and flattened, their pulp is tender and their flavor is very sweet and spicy.
Hawaiian Pineapple tomatoes have an uncertain origin (several Hawaiian crosses) and were grown for commercial exploitation in the 1970s in southern Indiana. It’s a big fruit that can reach a kilo! They have an orange color veiled in red and have an irregular shape but ribbed all over their bodies. They have few seeds and a remarkably fruity flavor with exotic pineapple-like aromas!

Petit Moineau cherry tomatoes were discovered in the Châteauguay region in the 1940s. They bear 7 fruits on their bunches. This exceptional variety forms a bush that gives its first red fruits towards the end of July, continuing to produce until the first frost and more. They have a sweet taste and are eaten like candy!

Want to know more? Here is an exhaustive list of all the varieties of tomatoes that grow in our garden!

Tomatoes for the restaurant:

    • Costoluto Genovese
    • Brandywhine Red
    • Yellow Garden Peach
    • Hawaian Pineapple
    • Paul Robeson
    • Santorini
  • Tomates cerises
    • Petit Moineau
  • Tomates pour sauces
    • Principe Borghese

Experimental tomatoes:

  •  Carbon
  • Pineapple
  • Coeur de boeuf
  • Fathest North
  • Brad’s Black Heart
  • Black Beauty-Blue
  • Azoychka
  • Yellow Brandywine
  • Golden Queen
  • Valencia
  • Jubilee
  • Great White
  • Pink Brandywine
  • Constuloto Florentino
  • Dr. Whych Yellow
  • Cherokee Chocolate
  • Black Prince
  • Japanese Black
  • Black Russe
  • Ozark Sunrise
  • Lucid Gem
  • Amana Orange
  • AAA Sweet Solana
  • Reisetomate
  • Porkchop
  • Northern Lights
  • Black Tula
  • Blue beauty
  • Marizol Gold
  • M.R bicolor
  • Indian Stripe
  • Purple Kalabash
  • Blonde boar
  • White beauty
  • White queen
  • Berkely tie-dye
  • Black and brown boar
  • Black pineapple
  • Big rainbow
  • Black krim
  • Black brandywine
  • Cherokee purple
  • Constuloto di Parma
  • Black seaman
  • Blanche du quebec
  • Tomesol white
  • M.R.O Brandywine
  • Ananas noire
  • Thorburn’s TC



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