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Restaurant Ikanos

"Battle of the Somm", an undeniable success.

We can say with confidence that the event at Ikanos was an undeniable success.

We would like to congratulate our two top challengers for successfully meeting the challenge. The arrangement of their chosen products was perfectly in harmony with the Tasting Menu proposed by Chef Constant Mentzas.

Battle of the Somm at Ikanos
Catherine St-Germain and Arnaud Pequignot

The atmosphere was great for this very first edition in the walls of our restaurant. Participating clients received personalized and educational service in this interactive package on the wonderful world of enology.

We must acknowledge the boundless generosity of the star Sommeliers, Catherine St-Germain and Arnaud Pequignot, who distinguished themselves as much by their time as by their explanations given throughout the evening. Their enthusiasm was palpable and they managed to pass on their passion to all the present guests.

Let’s take a look at the evening

In an intimate and cozy space, the tone was already set through a Sauvignon Gin-tonic offered to everyone during the presentation of the competitors, courtesy of the agency Vins Fins.

1st course: Fresh Oyster, cucumber, sea asparagus, rice vinegar. 

Fresh Oyster, cucumber, sea asparagus, rice vinegar. 

Catherine from “L’Atelier des Saveurs” offered a dry and sharp white to bring out the bright and iodized side of the oyster. Her counterpart, Arnaud des Cavistes, opted for Champagne Lallier, a must. This more classic choice was beneficial to him as he won the first round with conviction.

Caviste: 1 Atelier des Saveurs : 0

2nd course: Seared scallops, foie gras, celeriac puree, dried apricot, and caper salsa

Arnaud’s Soave had everything to please: a beautiful richness, clear flavors and a touch of complexity resulting from aging in oak barrels. Yet it was Catherine’s audacity that gave her the advantage. It’s gourmet and vegetal Viognier goes perfectly with our dish. Let’s bet that this agreement will inspire us for future pairings!

Caviste : 1 Atelier des Saveurs : 1

Accords mets et vins
Wine pairing

3rd service: Josper charcoal-grilled Mediterranean Sea bass, tomatoes and zucchinis arrivals from our garden

What freshness in the marriage between our whitefish and the Rosé proposed by the representative of the “Atelier des saveurs”! The white blend of the côtes de Roussillon of Arnaud, balanced persistent on the palate, just won the round. Let’s bet that the salty touch of his wine, benefiting from a Mediterranean climate, had something to do with the final count.

Caviste : 2 Atelier des saveurs : 1.

4th course: Duck magret, Medjool date puree, demi-glace red wine sauce, seared mushrooms

Once again, a very close fight. The Italian Sangiovese proposed by Catherine stood out with its tertiary aromas of mushrooms and its robustness which brilliantly complimented the dish. The MM from the legendary Sigalas house in Santorini, selected by Arnaud, was also on the right track. The sommelier of the Cavistes has relied on its felted and delicate aromas for a most successful blend of flavors.

Caviste 2 : Atelier des saveurs : 2.

5th course: Olive oil cake, crunchy almond biscuit, lemon gel, almond milk ice cream, lemon balm

A delicate dessert was served by our pastry chef. Our two sommeliers opted for opposed avenues and opinions were divided. The Riesling Stratus put forward by Catherine was a masterstroke and Arnaud’s Gran Anejo Rum was a judicious marriage with almonds. A tour de force on both sides that collected their share of votes.

In the end, to quote Nathalie Villemaire, the Vice-President of the Vins Fins agency, the competition was tight until the end and was decided by a single vote. This fierce struggle clearly demonstrates the high level and creativity that both participants have used through their work. Arnaud Péquignot, of the Cavistes, was crowned the winner. We wish him the best of luck in the quarter-finals.

Nathalie Villemaire, Vice-présidente de l’agence Vins Fins
Nathalie Villemaire, Vice-President of the Vins Fins

We must acknowledge the impeccable work of the employees in the dining room as well as the kitchen brigade for having greatly contributed to the flawless running of the service.

You have turned this event into a resounding success.
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts to all our customers who were present.

With such good feedback, stay tuned as the experience will have to be repeated unequivocally!

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