Ikanos - Bar à Poisson

112 McGill street
Montreal, QC H2Y 2E5

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+1 (514) 842-0867


Restaurant Ikanos

Ikanos and its Gaspésie halibut with turnips from our garden

Chef Constant Mentzas tells us about the story that inspired his Halibut from Gaspésie dish with turnips from his garden. A gastronomical journey that combines flavors of yesterday and modern cuisine.

“We really wanted to work the turnip since we have interesting turnips that come from our garden, we managed to have them with leaves that are really gigantic and beautiful.

We went looking for the ancestral variety of this hybrid, which is the Tokinachi, which comes a little bigger and is a little tastier. We also have a red variety called Idabeni, which is a bit of the same size but is going to taste a bit sweeter. “

A culinary experience available until our turnips run out!

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