Ikanos - Bar à Poisson

112 McGill street
Montreal, QC H2Y 2E5

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+1 (514) 842-0867


Restaurant Ikanos


Tommy Dion’s – also known as Le Cuisinomane – article presents an interview he did with Constant Mentzas, Ikanos’s chef and owner. It’s a very interesting reading if you want to know all about Constant’s career, his inspirations, the way he works in the kitchen and, most importantly, the secret behind his famous grilled octopus that many consider the best in town!

“I buy ingredients that I am proud to show on my menu. Yes, the meat I serve comes from Quebec, such as the vegetables, I buy them locally, because it would just be stupid to do otherwise. In general, I try to buy from supplier that I know, because, as a chef, I have to know where the food I serve come from. Per example, I know perfectly where does the feta cheese and olive oil I use come from. Nope, it’s not from Quebec, but I know for sure it is the best quality possible!”
– Constant Mentzas

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